YouTube Video Reflections

For my Mass Media 330 class with Professor Mrja, I watched two videos on YouTube, Did You Know 3.0 and Social Media Revolution.

First of all I really enjoyed the Did You Know 3.0 video. I love factoids and nuggets like the ones showed and I always leave watching videos like that with my mind both blown and racing with ideas.  The first two facts about China and India were eye-opening.  While I can believe that China is becoming more of a Western culture, it is impressive that a large number of citizens in the country are learning the English language. This fact shows me that English is still the language of business, but also that Chinese is very hard to learn and that’s why the Chinese are adapting to the English language.  The fact about India is amazing as well, but does India have the facilities to become a financial and industrial power like America? More importantly do they have the space?

The second part about the future youth learning technologies and solving  problems that don’t even exist yet is irrelevant. You can literally say that about every previous generation that has ever existed. My grandpa said he got that same speech off of his telegraph 70 years ago.

The information from 1:50 onward is all about how the internet, technology, information and knowledge is increasing exponentially. The information about the trade school was revealing, and makes this student wonder how he can keep eating up all this knowledge to remain relevant in his degree. My dad , for example, learned computers as early as he could. From the mid-80s until now he has been ahead of the curve on technology and its helped his career immensely. I wonder if he had graduated now, with the same exact knowledge, if he would still be able to gain an edge in his career developement?

The second video watched was called Social Media Revolution. It was similar to Did You Know 3.0 but it focused on facts from the social media world. The info was more up to date and relevant  (Myspace facts vs. Facebook facts) and dealt with subjects familiar to us in the Mass Media major.  I know earlier I said China was advancing to a more Western culture, but how advanced can you be if you don’t have Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Google?

I really don’t like the Darth Vader Volkswagon ad.

The most revealing fact in both of these videos was that social gamers will buy $6 billion in virtual goods by 2013, while movie-goers will only purchase $2.1 billion in real goods by the same date. This shows what a digital era we are in when we cannot even put our hands literally on most of the goods and services we buy.

I’m not in business school, but I assume a ROI (Return of Investment) of five years is a pretty good thing.


One thought on “YouTube Video Reflections

  1. Good blog. But don’t underestimate the financial powerhouses both China and India have become. The sheer numbers alone of persons who live in those countries are staggering. +10

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