Sup y’all its legendary playoff predictor and two time world champion EBROSTRADAMUS back in the motherfuckin hiz-ouse to bust down the earliest week of playoffs we have ever experienced. Shoutouts to Brady & James for being a cut above the rest & earning a bye for the first round. I’ll see you fools next week. Only 2 matchups this week, and due to some unfortunate seeding issues (Easy Divison should NOT have been #Blessed with a automatic 3rd seed) the two best teams playing this week will be going head to head, no homo. Sully has 8 wins and has stayed relevant after losing Julio Jones, a key cog in his dominant 3 WR Attack, and me, well, I gots THE SHERIFF. It doesn’t get any easier for the winner, as they play one-loss Money Badger next week. Meanwhile Taylor (losing record) and Brooke (Easy Division, lowest points scored in the playoffs) will duke it out to face historic playoff-time poop in your pants legend Cooper Clux Clan is the second round.

Ladies & Gentlemen, mamas got something good cooking tonite.

MVP: Decks. 4 TDs. Can you let me have a refractory period man?

Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 11.11.31 AM

LVP: Jordy & Julius Thomas combine for one point! Cost Hans the playoffs..sorry bout it.

BRANDON BURNS “THATS INTERESTING” AWARD: No title defense this year for E-40 *Ahem* Marissa. In the storied history of this league, we have only had one back to back winner..betta ask somebodaaayyy.

sup ladies


SEASON TOTAL: 47-33 ( 58% in the regular season…Vegas?)

To ze matchups


After getting solid production from our Thursday Night Football starters, the matchup is projected at 104-102. Get Flanders on the horn, we got another FIVE ALARM BARNBURNER


As if you weren’t already sitting down, this matchup also features the #1 vs. #2 kickers IN THE GAME.

Interesting strategy by Brady, starting Joe Flacco. Works in real life for playoffs, we’ll see how it plays out in fantasy, Cotton. Riley Cooper has pooper’d the bed the past 2 weeks,and Fred Jackson needs TDs to stay relevant. Both of Sullys RBs are in a time-share, so its boom or bust. Can his team wake up this week?

Ive got Peyton vs Tennessee, Chiefs hoping for redemption against RGIII, Vincent Jackson vs the Bills and a few other decent matchups. Ppl will have to produce for whoever wants to win this matchup. I think its gonna be me. Sullys got that weird fantasy magic tho….


This is projected 109-108. If fractions play into this, dis could be gud. Would James rather face the love of his life in week 2, or the weaker opponent(Ive seen Taylor’s instagrams after the gym: its pretty wimpy) Taylor’s team slumped pretty hard in the last month, but got into the playoffs and could actually have a scary team if Dez Bryant really unleashes like he did last year. Charles, Michael Floyd & RGIII are all playing solid. Jared Cook’s a bum.

Brooke is banking on late season redemption from 2/3 of her top picks that have preformed horribly thus far, CJ Spiller & Steven Jackson.  Combined with Zac Stacey, its a  3 headed monster that could come apart at anytime. Russell Bustle Man Muscle Wilson & Bmarsh are holding it down as usual.

This was a tough one to predict. All I know is running backs still win fantasy titles. So I’m taking Brooke.

This week is about to blow up, lets git it on.



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