Picking Up the Pieces of The Semi’s & The Title Belt

WOW. That was the craziest, most insane, heartbreaking & barnburning fantasy football this league has ever seen. The two matchups will go down as absolute classics. One was a Miracle on Ice style upset between the #6 seed with a losing record and a fantasy juggernaut, and the other featured a MNF heartbreaker that came down to the final seconds. Where to begin. Jamaal Charles single handedly won Taylor a spot in the title game with his 5 touchdown masterpiece. I guess we shouldn’t have been surprised with the way James usually falters in the playoffs, but this was totally unbelievable. I even titled my post James Week 2 Bye… This is the exact moment when James season was lost. Side note: sick cleats on Dez.

Guess he didn’t like them apples.

how bout them apples

In the other matchup, I thought I was shit out of luck when Peyton only got the ball for 21 minutes on Thursday Night Football & got me a mere 17 points. Not how an Elite GM wants to start out with the #1 player in fantasy against an opponent who should technically be perfect on the season.

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 9.09.54 PM

Sunday was loco in retrospect, with a ton of moments that make you lose your mind when you think about it the next day after getting only a one point victory, like Desean Jackson’s rushing TD getting called back, MJD getting held out of the game & the two last minute switches I made on my roster on Sunday morning. Then came MNF. I had 34 points to give, and like I predicted all year, the Motor City Thumpers came up short when it mattered.

Its crazy to think if Megatron catches one of those drops, Im out. If they call pass interference on that endzone pass to Kris Durham & the Lions get it on the one, theres a good chance I’m out. If Justin Tucker misses that 61 yarder, and doesnt give Stafford a #blessed opportunity to throw one more pick, I’m out.  That pick turned out to be the difference, after the stat correction on Tuesday. I can only imagine Thump Daddy left  the FIFA Lounge before the 4th quarter only to react like this after Stafford crushed his one-loss season.

Steve Harvey

Anyway, congrats to Brady & James on the good seasons, and good luck in the 3rd place game losers.

MVP OF THE WEEK: Jamaal Charles. 5 TDS, 51 points. Nuff said.

LVP: Eagles D may have gotten -5 points, but it’s Stafford & Megatron who totally shit the bed. 17 points combined when Reggie Bush limped his way to a surprising 16 makes it even worse.

BRANDON BURNS MEMORIAL “THATS INTERESTING” AWARD: 51 points is the 3rd highest fantasy playoff point total ever ….. I should bring back EBROSTRADAMUS TRIVIA to have you guess who had the #1. ESPN also wrote a really good article about brilliant fantasy performances. Jamaal Charles may have wrapped up the EBROSTRADAMUS 2013 MVP. Somebody else might be ****coming**** tho, maybe.









This is a very surprising title match, both these teams wouldn’t even be in the playoffs if we hadn’t expanded to 6 teams this season. I’m the #5 seed, Taylor is the #6…Taylor even has a losing record. What’s not surprising is how both of us are in the Hard Division. That division is a man-maker. Pretty much 13 weeks of playoffs. Yup. I’ll break it down by position.

QBS: Cmon, I got the Sheriff against the Raiders. He’s going with Jason Campbell, athough Ryan Tannehill could make a start. Can you even imagine a league where Jason Campbell is the starting QB on a title winning team?

RBs: Cmon, he’s got Jamaal Charles. Gore is solid too. Alfy Mo is hok. MJD & Ridley are shaky at best this week.

WRs: Dez had a great week, and will likely keep it going against the Redskins. Colston & Tate are pretty weak, but are still both #1 Wrs in their offenses ( although technically Jimmy Graham has lined up waaaaaay more at WR than TE this season.) I got Vincent Jackson and pulled Greg Jennings off the street….gotta have a Viking win something for once, amirite!!!! Also Edelman has taken Gronk’s place as Tom Brady’s go-to guy.

TE: Phew, Taylor cut Jared Cook. I was praying karma wouldnt come and bite me in the ass, since the last time I called him out he got 3 TDs. Then he literally sat there and sucked his farts for the rest of the year. Now he starts Charles Clay, who is the #7 TE in fantasy this year? Ok? Im not much better, Jordan Cameron has gotten a little better with Campbell at QB but nowhere near as good as his 3 TD game against the Vikes.

DEF & K: Cmon, I got Chiefs DEF & STEVEN FREAKING HAUSCHKA, the #2 kicker in the game. Game over man, game over.

I think I’ve got the advantage here over Taylor. No stupid TNF games, no super terrible matchups. I got the Sheriff. I’m taking me to win my 3rd FFF Championship.

And then I’m buying these custom Nikes with my winnings.

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 9.49.26 PM

Bonus pick: James over Brady.


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