Week 3: 0-2 = Season’s Over?

As it sits after two eventual and shocking weeks in the FFF, there remain three 2-0 teams …who will be the first to top the elusive 200 point mark? Which, of course as we all know, was surpassed  only once by the only two time winner of this league, EBROSTRADAMUS, who remains as humble and down to earth as ever.

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 6.33.04 PM

Marissa and Raddo are each averaging over 140 points per week, and Brooke is just a lil below that number. My vote goes to Marissa. While the other two have great rosters, every single spot on the KardashLeseans is filled by steady & potentially explosive talents who, like Bmarsh’s 3 TD game on Sunday, can blow up anytime. Much like Kranz’s butthole as well.


0-2 teams in trouble…Laurie Lawson, Team Martens, & Great Kranzby, who has the best shot to turn it around? Reggie Bush, Keenan Allen & Ryan Matthews have been bigger busts for Beat-N-Around The Bush than Nikki Benz, Kranz has been pretty average all around, yet somehow Andrew Luck is the #1 QB right now, not totally sure how considering the Colts are 0-2 and he’s spitting like this on the sideline now:

Zmarts, meanwhile, is looking about as good as this dirt biker :


Jamaal Charles has 9 points so far and hurt, Vincent Jackson is the new Lee Evans, but I gotta give credit where credit is due, Steve Smith was a excellent steal in the draft.

To conclude, I think TayLaw has the best shot to become a playoff contender. Jimmy Graham and Antonio Brown are why I think this. It’s huge to get momentum in fantasy football, even early on. How huge is momentum? Ray Lewis has the answer:


My personal thoughts on AP are a little complicated, since you really shouldn’t be hitting kids until they bleed IMO, but if its in the name of discipline then it’s a lot less worse than it should be. Fuck the sponsors, twitter dipshits and media members who dropped the ball on the Ray Rice case, so now they feel the need to overcompensate with AP’s abuse case. AP certainly deserves any suspensions or jail time he gets, but to act like there is a conspiracy going on within the Vikings about what they knew and when they knew it, and why he should play when others have been cut is BS. The Spielman press conference on Monday was so contentious it was ridiculous:  A. Its the greatest RB of all time of course they aren’t cutting him jesus christ. B. I would wait to see what the court says. It should be up to the team in the meantime to decide if they want the distraction, and after watching Sunday’s game against my Lord & Savior Bill Belichick, we clearly need AP on the field. C. Everybody in the NFL & Ravens covered up for Ray Rice, bullied his now-wife into making it seem like she played a part in the whole thing, fucked up his suspension twice, all deserved to be fired, yada yada yada. Basically, Vikings don’t deserve to get lumped in with them. Keep fighting the Power, Rodg.


SMH’s of the Week: AP…it’s like, cmon guy, really? Use a bag of oranges. It won’t leave a bruise and it’ll let em know who’s boss.  AP

MVP of the Week: Ahmad Bradshaw…Jordy Nelson…Darren Sproles for helping Marissa nearly double up on Kauf Daddy. The KardashLeseans is officially on Juggernaut Alert!!

LVP of the Week: Seattle D with the -1 in a 1.5 loss to da Commish…Special teams combining for 2 points in what had to be a rough loss for the Prince of Polar. Broncos D, who honestly thought they would be good???? Not Ebrostradamus, thats for sure. I assume all photographic evidence of the draft board has been destroyed.

Week 2 Quick Picks

TEAM RADEMACHER over Prince of Polar

HEAVY BREATHING over Team Martens

LAURIE LAWSON over Ebrola Virus

THE KARDASHLESEANS over SouleTrain Express

EVERYDAY I’M RUSSELL’N over Team Sullivan

GRONKNATION #12 over The Great Kranzby




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