Week 4: RB’s Ain’t Shit but Hoes & Tricks

Pretty crazy week 3 in the FFF: A team I put on Juggernaut Alert last week, The KardashLeSeans, had only 60 points and officially set the benchmark for the Low Score Alert. The Great Kranzby, who I had thought might be the worst in the league,  doubled up on his competition. Raddo called a 150 point week then watched Zhans steal his thunder with a 148.6 output, and now we are down to only one undefeated left…as we enter the bye week season.

V excited for this weeks full on mud wrestling foxy boxing cat fight between the two best teams in the league, Everyday I’m Russelin’ and the Kardash LeSeans. Both lose key Broncos, both have key players playing on Thursday night..Gotta say, props to Brooke for picking up/maybe drafting Jordan Matthews. Feel like he would’ve gone for at least $20 in the FAAB this week. Pretty sure Julio Jones is going to go harder on the Vikes than Paul Allen relies on #TeamFaith & Wobby instead of real analysis. He is the fucking worst. Fuck Talker Tuesdays, fuck that dipshit soccer fag wannabe Nordo, fuck Whiteing Clinic and Renters Warehouse, fuck calling everything “a bit”, fuck wondering why your lead-in can’t get better sponsors in your free time & then thinking people on Twitter actually fucking care #TeamFaith is ruining what was once an OK to decent radio show and a great local personality in PA. Good points Ebro.

good pint


Have to say, has it ever been weaker for Running Backs? The consensus top 5 are all struggling/going through some shit/disappointing, most breakthrough candidates like Knoshown Moreno and Mark “Worst Heisman ever besides Sam Bradford” Ingram are getting hurt before they truly bust out, and there really hasn’t been a surprise PPR value in the ranks. The backs who gained predraft value from PPR like Vereen, Woodhead & Pierre Thomas are not doing so great either. League wide, we all are not getting a ton of value at the RB position.

My Running Back LVP Rankings go:

5. Bishop Sankey…not a high pick, but should he even have been drafted? FWIW I voted to uphold James-Brady’s drunken draft night trade of Sankey for Russell Wilson.

4.Eddie Lacy…yet to reach 45 yards in a game. Roll Tide!

3.Jamaal Charles…has only 9 carries so far + Chiefs are hot garbage this year.

2.Toby Gerhardt…getting like 2 yards a carry.

1. AP…11.3 points the #1 overall pick will earn Ebrostradamus this year.

 Maybe Sully was right to only draft one RB in the first ten rounds.

Also, the Teddy Bridgewater Era has arrived: Let’s fuckin’ get some!!!! NFC North, you can giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit out!!!!!!! #SKOK #SUAS


Ready 4 Teddy

SMH’s of the Week: Raddo for using the ESPN message board to ask for a TE, hey Raddo 2006 called to say you’re a buttsack probably still using dial-up to set your lineup. Probably so happy we did a Live Draft so you didn’t have to ride your donkey into town to use Cold Spring’s only computer. Message me an offer for Julius or Niles Paul doe.

MVP of the Week: Julio Jones…Antonio Brown…Most of Zhans team..

LVP of the Week: Matthew Stafford…Texans D giving me -1…Vernon Davis…Eddie Lacy, Randall Cobb, Jordy Nelson and anybody who has been starting Packers these first couples weeks… Packers, you the real LVP.

Week 4 Quick Picks

TEAM RADEMACHER over #GronkNation 12

LAURIE LAWSON over Team Martens

EBROLA VIRUS over Heavy Breathing

SOULETRAIN EXPRESS over Cordarrelle Pat Her Ass Son

THE KARDASHLESEANS over Everyday I’m Russell’n

THE GREAT KRANZBY over The Prince of Polar




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