Week 4: The First Month Ebroies Awards

Finally about time someone held a real award ceremony around here.

Still waiting on the inaugural Kranzies…………

Nikki Benz Bust of the Month: LeSean McCoy. As I went over last week, there were A LOT of candidates in the RB category for bust of the year. But as someone who has been healthy and playing for the first 4 weeks, and considering he was the #2 pick, it’s gotta be Shady McCoy. 2.7 YPC this year, 10 carries for 17 this week and 19 for 22 last week with ZERO catches and ZERO TDs. You know its bad when Doug Martin has 10x more points in week 4. 

The Ebrostradamus Steal of the Month: As we all know, I know a lil something about the art of stealing…but I am blown away with what some of you have gotten away with this season. The Elite GM gamesmanship has never been at a higher level, and there were plenty of nominations to choose from: Zmarts getting Steve Smith in the 9th round, Me getting Ahmad Bradshaw for $5, Thumper snagging Larry O Donnell for $3, and Kranz ripping off Sully for Lamar Miller. But one has stood above all the rest, and I know most of us made fun of it when it came across, but the Ebrostradamus Steal of the Month is a no brainer: Hans STEALING Martellus Bennett from Kauf for the low low price of Larry Fitzgerald. Bennett is the #1 TE and 9th overall player right now, and Larry Ftiz has Drew Stanton as his QB and is getting like 3 targets a game. EBROSTRADAMUS SALUTES

This Whomps:  The People that Trent Richardson Has More Points Than Award:

This Whomps

Not really an award, just a sad, sad reality

LeSean McCoy

Jamaal Charles

Shane Vereen

Zac Stacey

Montee Ball

Andre Ellington

Eddie Lacy

Toby Gerhardt

Doug Martin

Maurice Jones Drew

Ben Tate

Ray Rice


Buzz, Your Girlfriend…Woof Award.

AKA Worst position battles…and the nominees are:

Kauf: Cousins v Brady..errr Eli v Brady. Still woof.

Sully: Fred Jackson & Doug Martin..and no backups. We have a winner, ding ding ding ding ding.

got heeem


Mike “Superman” Glennon is still available BTW

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 1.40.53 PM

SMH’s of the Week: Hans and Tay posting two of the top 5 scores this week and still losing….Thumper, Sully & Marissa for not crossing the 100 point barrier.

MVP of the Week: Andrew Luck (First Month MVP)…Steve Smith (First Month SOD)…Matt Asiata…All Packers big and small. Also Taylor and Zmarts save some points for the rest of us, even your benches had 50+ points.

LVP of the Week: DeSean Jackson…Falcons D- 10 in a 12 point loss for Thumper WOW that is a bad GM move…BMarsh only two catches. Midway Jay Cutty now 1-10 vs. the Packers cmon breh. What, are you just gonna ignore me and puff on some heaters? OK then.


Pisses me off that you just let Gaaron Rodgers throw shade at you like this:

Week 4 Quick Picks

TEAM RADEMACHER over #GronkNation 12

LAURIE LAWSON over Team Martens

EBROLA VIRUS over Heavy Breathing

SOULETRAIN EXPRESS over Cordarrelle Pat Her Ass Son

EVERYDAY I’M RUSSELL’N over The KardashLeSeans

THE GREAT KRANZBY over The Prince of Polar




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