Week 7: Vikings Must Tackle Edition

I fucking hate Wobby. He’s the type of douche where the Vikings could be 2-8 and he would be all ” The Vikings aren’t mathematically eliminated, all they have to do against the Bears this week is establish the run early and force turnovers and then we take it to Lambeau next week.” HE HONESTLY THINKS BERNARD BERRIAN HELPED THE VIKINGS WIN DIVISION TITLES AND OH YEAH THE VIKINGS SHOULD PROBABLY TACKLE THE BILLS THIS WEEKEND.

Oh, you really think the Vikings should sign a fucking back up RAMS WIDE RECEIVER and Brandon fucking Lloyd?? I wish B Twice wouldve told Wobby to sit down and shut up instead of Kriesel. What do Vikings players think of him?? I’m fairly convinced Wobby has only ever watched the Vikings play. He may think the Vikings are whoever they play against are the only two football teams in the league. Nobody can be this dumb or clueless about sports for allegedly being an expert. PA laps his shit up like the water in Buck Nasty’s Momma’s dish.


Bad Division has the top 4 scorers in league…That is not a typo. Raddo, Hans, TayLaw and Me sit 1,2, 3, & 4 in scoring. The Bad Division should provide for an interesting last 3 weeks when it’s all division play..plus a pretty special HATE WEEK, if the scoring keeps up. Pretty pathetic the rest of the league is too busy modeling at Lifetime or putting gel on their new hairdo’s to figure out how to score some god damn points.



Couple interesting deals were swung this week/after the last EBROSTRADAMUS was written. First, we had Kauf and Zhans swipe Martellus Bennett and Knowshown Moreno for Rob Gronkowski, which looked like a solid win for Kauf before Moreno went out for the year. I give it 3.5 Kranzies, props to Zhans who keeps flipping Bennett for value with the same trade partner LOL. Of course Kauf is the one who’s 4-2 tho.

Sully and Raddo did Ben Tate for Aaron Rodgers straight up. I think it’s good value for both, as Raddo picks up an elite QB #1 and Sully gets a RB which he so sorely needed. I am a little scared as this certianly has put Team Rademacher on Juggernaut Status Alert, as he now has Rodgers to go along with the best RB duo in the league (Murray & Bernard) v solid PPR WRs, and what could put him over the top in his first year of the FFF, Josh Gordon returning week 11. Of course, you dont fuck over Jay Cutler and get away with it.

Smokin Jay


SMH’s of the Week: Zhans fell over 70 points short of his high projection of 180 before the Sunday games…Kauf bidding $28 combined for Dexter McCluster and Cecil Shorts when $2 couldve got them both. I will say your team got better tho, seeing as you had some empty roster spots. I do like the strategy of starting a RB-eligible WR in the RB spot, but McCluster has one week of double digit points and more than 2 catches, and was definitely not worth $20.

MVP of the Week: Tom Brady, DeMarco Murray and Gio Bernard still proving it pays to have elite RBs, Arian Foster & Steve Smith for Zmarts. Smith may be a vet, but he can still troll hard in the paint.


LVP of the Week: CJ Spiller with the unfortunate -0.1. Ebrola Virus’ starting and bench WRs combining for 10 receptions total. Thumper with the 3rd week in a row with starting a negative defense. I havent seen this many negative defenses since Europe 1939!

Week 7 Quick Picks

EVERYDAY IM RUSSEL’N over GronkNation #12

THE GREAT KRANZBY over Cordarrelle Pat Her Ass Son

TEAM MARTENS over Team Rademacher

PRINCE OF POLAR over The KardashLeSeans

EBROLA VIRUS over SouleTrain Express

HEAVY BREATHING over Beatin Round The Bush




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