Week 11: Tensions. Are. High.

Coupla crazy games last weekend, huh? Couple down to the wire, unexpected finishes, eh? I havent seen this much frustration since the last time I watched  Zmart play pull tabs. Let’s go over some headlines:

  • James went from 5-1 to 5-5, all while scoring in the top 4 and including a heartbreaking loss despite scoring 156.5 last week. Hey James…..ever thought of playing some fantasy defense ya dum dum??????
  • The best division this league has seen since the Ron Swanson Division aka The Bad Division has an incredibly intense battle for spots coming, including a HUGE matchup between Prince of Polar and Team Raddo this week. Raddo must be pissing his jean jacket since a fully loaded Zhans squad could look like this: Peyton Manning, AP, Marshawn Lynch, Calvin Johnson, and Jimmy Graham. Uh idk, seems like the league’s best players at each position to me! However, Hans sits just outside of a playoff berth with three to go, and a loss to 7-3 Team Raddo could sink his season quicker than Kranz’s dumps after a late night T Bell run.
  • The Ugly Division is playing the ugly sister to the Bad Division, with all 4 teams within 2 games of each other and tbh all these suck worse than the hookers at Motel 6 by McStop, folks. The Great Kranzby v Gronknation #12 this week will give the winner a nice tiny cushion (insert Kranz flat ass joke here) for the rest of the way, but honestly Ebrostradamus could give a crap less who wins this shit hole division, would rather watch a purple dinosaur simulate masturbation with a mic stand than spend anytime more time thinking about this turd pile.

Barney JO

  • Thump Daddy got owned worse than Dred Scott by both Brooke and beloved Red Zone host Scott Hanson on social media this week. Log off bro.



Odell Beckham can catch

SMH’s of the Week: Zmart really doesn’t like starting Golden Tate for some reason. Kauf lost cuz of a kicker hehe.

MVP of the Week: Marshawn Lynch, Aaron Rodgers & Dez Bryant, Demaryious-BMarsh-Mike Wallace.

LVP of the Week: Martellus Bennett, LeSean McCoy finally scores again but only gets 19 yards on 12 carries in a close 2 pt. loss for Soule Train Express, Vernon Davis & Steve “Ice Cold” Smith

Week 11 Quick Picks

EBROLA VIRUS over Beat N Round The Bush

HEAVY BREATHING over Team Martens

PRINCE OF POLAR over Team Rademacher

GRONK NATION #12 over The Great Kranzby

CORDARRELLE PAT HER ASS SON over Everyday I’m Russel’N

THE KARDASHLESEANS over SouleTrain Express




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