Playoffs?!?! Wild Card Round

We talking bout playoffs??? The little kiddies and riff raff has been removed and only the true fantasy gladiators stand in the arena in the quest to claim the FFF Belt…lets git it oooonnnnn.


Fuck Joique Bell….now instead of Brooke being the playoffs, this guy named Joique scored enough to get James a 3 point W and ensure that the rest of us, AKA ME,  face a solid sleeper in Zmarts this year in the playoffs. Drew Brees, Jamaal Charles & Arian Foster..all around not too shabby if those three are hittin on all cylinders, of course which they are. SMH.  Although Zmart still has Austin Davis on his roster…don’t know what thats about.

But it’s all good, fantasy scoring was outrageous last week.  There were 10 players with 30+ and one with 44.5, Ebrostradamus’s own DeAndre Hopkins. I remember being laughed out of the room by a certain someone for that pick, can’t remember who..can you James??? Really doubt we will see that mythical 200 point barrier get broken this season now. Go DeAndre!

Boogie Boom

ZHans really shit the bed…wow the Shit the Bed Award is going to be quite the race this year between him and Brooke. And to Hans statement that he would’ve been undefeated with her schedule….uh not true pal. You woulda been 10-3. Better think before you open your mouth next time dingus.

So who is hot right now? Obviously Raddo and James are sitting pretty, but who among the Wild Cards  Ebrola Virus is feeling like the 07 Giants right now..we got a taste of that #1 team in the league and now we know we can win it all. Taylaw has Antonio Brown, the #2 player in the league in points, as his anchor and a solid supporting cast with Forsett, Ivory, Olson & a rejuvenated Keenan Allen, but if Forsett sits it could be over faster than a rabbit gets fucked. The Great Kranzby has Dez and AJ Green with #1 player Andrew Luck, but it looks like he could be starting Doug Martin this week…so uh, expect some of this, Macho:

Van Der Beek cry

Can’t wait for next week for James patented Semi-Finals exit.



SMH’s of the Week: Jimmy Graham with the goose egg when it counted most. Well done Taylaw.

MVP of the Week: Deandre Hopkins, Tre Mason, Joique Bell,Keenan Allen & Antonio Brown,

LVP of the Week: Wheelchair Jimmy, Brandon Oliver, Michael Crabtree, Jason Witten, Frank Gore

Playoff Week 1 Quick Picks

BEAT N ROUND THE BUSH over The Great Kranzby

TEAM MARTENS over Ebrola Virus




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