Week 4: Mile High Edition

Both the Vikings and half the FFF are traveling to Denver AKA The Mile “High” City this week for a #BusinessTrip against the noodled armed, no necked QB known only as THE SHERIFF. God, it just hit me I’m about to see Peyton Manning play live in person, and I’m gonna be so ripped I won’t even know it. It was pretty damn great to see Chad Greenway GET LOOOOOOSE last week. He should be retired to the Old Washed Up Linebackers Nursing Home but it was worth it to hear Paul Allen’s epic call, click here if you missed it: http://www.kfan.com/onair/vikings-blog-38526/good-game-turns-into-emotional-day-13980862/

Big surprise, the Commish is already crying about scoring points but not getting wins, and JEEZ WILL SOMEONE COVER AJ GREEN????


Thumper almost broke the 200 point barrier against The Human Gerbil this week. Ironically, it was the Human Gerbil himself, Doug Martin, whose puny little 4.6 points hindered Brady from crossing into FFF immortality. Much like Joe DiMaggio’s 56 game hitting streak or Matt Buttweiler waking up every day as a buttsniffer, the 200 point game remains the great white buffalo for all who GM in the FFF. Will we see one this year? Text DRAFTKINGS to me for YES or FANDUEL to me for NO

FAAB Summary

Rishard Matthews was the most bid upon player this week, and I was able to mastermind the blind bidding for the young Miami WR. God, what an empty feeling it must be to know you have to match wits with a legend such as myself to get the 2nd best WR in a Ryan Tannehill offense. Anyway, this is definitely how you feel when you put in win in the FAABidding:

MVP of the Week: AJ Green, Devonta Freeman

LVP of the Week: Alfred Morris, Justin Forsett

Justin Forsett

SMH of the Week:  Not even 55 points from Brooke last week…that is just turrible. The Low Score Alert has been set.

Fan Duel Game of the Week:

30 for 30 Encore vs Soule Train

Raddo is all about the Benjamins, baby! Travis Benjamin that is. Evan Silva said it best when he called him a donkey pick. 10 receptions, 5 TDs..I’m sure he’ll keep that up. Raddo’s RB depth is ridiculously deep, like when Ron Jeremy is plowing a hot chick in her pussy. Injuries to Decks, Big Ben, Davante Adams, and Demarco Murray have killed the depth in already week areas for him, so it’s bad timing to run into the potential Juggernaut that Soule Train has become.  Every single player outside of the Human Gerbil is in the top ten of their position. By my calculations, Doug Martin is an RB5. I should just give you that $10 right now for doubting Larry Fitz this year. Even if he gets hurt now, his 6 TDs will likely keep him in the top 40…not Ebro’s year thus far.

Draft Kings Lame of the Week:

The Bedonkagronks vs. Human Gerbil

Shades of Lakeville South V North in 07…its not if they will, its by how much.


TOTAL: 6-12

Tay Tot’s Tuddddies over Peaky Fooking Kranzers

Dez Any1 Have A RB For Me? over Ebrola Virus

I DONT WANT YOUR LIFE over Mile High Heroes

Team Martens over Oops Eiferted Again

The Bedonkagronks over The Human Gerbil

Soule Train over  30 for 30: Encore


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