Turkey Day Edition

Weekly League Notes:

Projected Playoff Breakdown

1:Soule Train (8-3) BYE

2: The Bedonkagronks (8-3)BYE

4: Peaky Fooking Kranzers (7-4)



3: 30 for 30: Encore (8-3)


6: Team Martens (6-5)


Tay Tot’s Tudddddies (6-5) (37 Points back of Zmarts)

Mile High Heroes (4-7) (2 GB)

Dez Any1 have a RB4 me? (4-7) (2 GB)

Oops Eiferted Again (4-7) (2 GB)

Congrats to Brady, Marissa, and Raddo for clinching playoff berths.

I know its a day late because I am a hard working AMERICAN who has to work on holidays to put bread on my fam’s table, but here is a list of things I’m thankful for:

Fan Duel

Draft Kings

Thats it.

Here is my shoutout to all the turkeys out there, bunch of fuckbois:


Tony Romo

No apple pie at Thanksgiving Dinner

AJ McCarron’s tattoos

Lance Scarsella

Charlie Coyle

Jeremy Hill

Aaron Rodgers

All the Packer fans at the game last week, and all Packer fans across the globe

FAAB Summary

If it’s true what they say, that if you don’t use it you lose it, then Thumper and James took full advantage by paying nearly $40 for Thomas Rawls and Javorius Allen. Love the additions for both, as bidding was heated, even if it was to put the newly starting RBs on their bench to fuck over other teams on the playoff hunt. Well done, Leslie!

MVP of the Week: Danny Amendola. Cam Newton, DeAndre Hopkins

EBROSTRADAMUS RB Memorial LVP of the Week: Chris Ivory, Michael Floyd

SMH of the Week:  Brooke and Sully both on Low Score Alert with 65.7 and 59 points put up this last week

Fan Duel Game of the Week:

Zmarts v Taylor

This is one hell of a matchup for the 6th seed, and the winner gets a huge playoff boost with a week to go. Injuries have decimated Zmarts squad worse than Mexico decimated Kranz’s pooper, and it’s really hard to believe a team that starts Melvin Gordon and Antonio Andrews might gain an entrance into the playoffs this week, but here we are. Taylor is getting Matt Forte back at the perfect time, and the matchups are juicer than an explosion at the Sunny Delight factory. …If Randall Cobb becomes Randall Cobb again, he might actually be able to do some damage in the post season!

Draft Kings Lame of the Week:

Sully V Kauf

Both these guys are total frickin losers who have no shot so I’m gonna talk about the second best matchup this week, Marissa v Kranz. Could it be possible that Kranz could be fighting for a berth next week with a loss against the Bedonkagronks? If I were him, I’d be sweating worse than Thumper doing normal regular everyday activities in room temperature weather. Marissa’s team reloaded with Amendola when Edelman went out, but much like this years Patriots, injuries are becoming a factor. Alshon is out, Devonta Freeman got a concussion and is possibly out for this weekend, and Charcnado has a hammy. Hopefully she can stay healthy for the playoffs, because it’s a marathon not a sprint!


TOTAL: 28-38

30 for 30: Encore over I DONT WANT YOUR LIFE

The Bedonkagronks over Peaky Fooking Kranzers

Dez Any1 Have A RB For Me? over Oops Eiferted Again

Soule Train over Ebrola Virus

Mile High Heroes over The Human Gerbil

Tay Tot’s Tuddddies over Team Martens


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