EBRO WINS!!!!!!!

Weekly League Notes:

Projected Playoff Breakdown

1:30 for 30: Encore(9-3) BYE

2: Soule Train (8-4)BYE

4: Peaky Fooking Kranzers (8-4)


5: Team Martens (7-5)

3: The Bedonkagronks (8-4)




Tay Tot’s Tudddddies (6-6) (147.4 Points back of James)

Biiiiiiig switch up in the seeding, as 30 for 30: The Encore continued his 4 game win streak and The Macho King pulled off a huge upset of the Bedonkagronks, while the long dormant EBROSTRADAMUS sent alleged Juggernaut Status Soul Train tumbling down to the 2nd seed. God it feels good to win again!!



Those tears taste so sweet.

ZMarts v Taylaw was billed as the Fan Duel Game of the Week, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. Definitely not in the way James disappoints Brooke when he plays Fan Duel. Zmarts stole a 1.2 victory over The Totted One when Kamar Aiken & Matt Schaub combined to make sweet, sweet fantasy love all over the Cleveland Browns face on Monday Night Football. Having to root for the Cleveland Browns to stop Matt Schaub so you can beat Zmarts has to be as low as it can get, so my thoughts and prayers are with Taylor this week.

So what now?

If Zmarts wins, he is in, so there are now 4 teams fighting for the last spot. James is in the drivers seat, and luckily has a convenient opponent in his wife, who is obviously so busy with her three babies and a birthday that she can’t possibly be thinking about laying a bully beatdown on her hubby this week, who apparently moonlights on TMZ now.


What gives you the right to talk about Al Roker’s personal life like that?

Taylor could steal the spot with a win and a James loss, but defeating Soule Train is no easy task, in fact…oh wait a minute…yes it is!! Shit was TOO easy. Brooke and Kauf could also possibly get in, but due to me going to the Wild game last night I am too hungover to calculate the possible ways a playoff berth for those two could emerge.

FAAB Summary

Scott Chandler for $4 is a sexy pick up for the Macho King, but we all know you can’t replace Gronk

MVP of the Week: Matthew Stafford, Kamar Aiken, Jarvis Landry

EBROSTRADAMUS RB Memorial LVP of the Week: Matty Ice, Dez Bryant, Matt Forte

SMH of the Week: Coming home to the Packers Hail Mary + Scott Weiland dying=Ebro shaking his damn head to sleep.

Fan Duel Game of the Week:

Husband v Wife with a FFF playoff bid on the line!!!

Draft Kings Lame of the Week:

It’s the last week and all games have playoff implications, so why don’t we all just give ourselves a big hand?

Toy Story


Appluase audience


TOTAL: 30-42

30 for 30: Encore over Mile High Heroes

I DONT WANT YOUR LIFE over Oops Eiferted Again

The Bedonkagronks over Ebrola Virus

Peaky Fooking Kranzers over Dez Any1 Have A RB For Me?

Soule Train over Tay Tot’s Tuddddies

Team Martens over The Human Gerbil


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