Semi-Raging Edition

Weekly League Notes:

It’s Miller Time!

Miller Time

The Macho King rode to the semis on the back of Lamar Miller’s strong Monday Night Football performance, sending James home a week earlier than he’s used to. Losing Thomas Rawls early really hurt James’ chances, but Kranz put together a very solid week and deserved the victory.

If Zmarts actually gave a damn about his team, he would’ve had a huge upset over Marissa. By starting Hoyer against the Pats, despite Fitzmagic having a primo matchup against the shitty Titans and eventually putting up 3 TD passes, he took what would’ve been a 4 point upset over Marissa into a 15 point loss. SMH of the Year Candidate, folks

Fantasy RB’s have taken it up the ass worse than Jared Fogle with a footlong in prison folks. What if I had told Raddo at the beginning of the year that he’d draft 3 RBs in the first 3 rounds, be the #1 seed, and in his first playoff matchup he’d be starting Bilal Powell and Tim Hightower? He would’ve stared into space for ten times longer than he did during the Great Raddo Rush of 2015. It makes no sense.

FAAB Summary

Tyler Lockett for $5 is a nice late season addition for the Macho King. Russel Wilson has been hotter than Ciara’s pussy lately. He also bid the exact same amount as Raddo for Denard Robinson, but was awarded ol Shoelace for himself. That’s good hustle, and the gamesmanship EBROSTRADAMUS likes to see in the playoffs.

MVP of the Week: Lamar Miller

EBROSTRADAMUS RB Memorial LVP of the Week: Amari Cooper

SMH of the Week: Zmarts benching FItzmagic

Fan Duel Game of the Week:

Brady v Marissa

The two Juggernaut Status’ meet up a week earlier than they would like, but honestly, right now, both aren’t really living up to the status like they should be. Both are capable of dropping 150 this week, and to me it all comes down to the Falcons on Marissa’s squad. If Matty Ice and Devonta Freeman can make it a shootout vs the Jags like it’s expected to be, I think she can win easily. Losing Eifert really hurts, but Thump has done some lineup shifting as well and his squad looks pretty beatable at the moment. I like MARISSA.

Raddo v Kranz

Talk about a matchup of Gruden Grinders I just love these two teams. You can bet your ass Spider 2 Y Banana will play a huge factor this week. Folks, I brought it up earlier, but Raddo’s RBs really scare me this week in terms of reliability, I love the matchups but Pilal is a RB2 for the Jets and Hightower is Hightower. Really hate to see a great team like this be held hostage like this so late in the year. Shouldve drafted RBs with your first 6 picks. I don’t think Josh Norman can stop ODB, and I predict the rest of the squad does numbers. HOWEVA, Kranz’s team has the type of playoff matchup you dream about, and getting 24.7 out of Mike Evans already makes him my pick this week.

Draft Kings Lame of the Week:

Who cares.


TOTAL: 33-47


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