Will James/Taylaw go undefeated?

Weekly League Notes:

Is Zhans the new Thump? Injuries are decimating the squad. Hans thought he was smart by drafting them already hurt, but that bit him in the bud as they all remain injured. Dez & Rawls may be out for a bit, & Vereen is out for the year. His lineup week 4 makes me sadder than Brady when TBS is showing an Office episode he’s already seen 20 times instead of 19 like the rest. Hans is one person to keep an eye on week 8 to spend his entire FAAB budget on Rhett Ellison.

Two undefeated teams remain: James & Taylaw. James is pretty quiet on the matter although he did post a payouts question on the FB page, suggesting his underlying arrogance & cockiness.  The Matt Ryan for TJ Yeldon trade was bad at best, but Tom Brady is off suspension next week, so James can afford the Yeldon lotto ticket. Other RB injuries have helped James, who starts Jordan Howard & Charles Sims, and he is in a great place to continue his success. Taylaw, on the other hand, has to be getting a little nervous as his RB depth has gotten more banged up than Lisa Ann in an NBA locker room. Cam-Greg Olson was a masterful QB-TE stack, and Melvin Gordon has been a TD machine. ODB has even under performed, so there is hope it can only get better. The rest of this roster will need to either become younger or stay healthy for Taylaw to continue his blistering pace.

Personally I think we should give a huge wad to the first place winner. It’s a big deal to win the FFF, might as well get paid like it. No love to 3rd anymore either.


There is one other form of payment …..


Week Four Quick Judgments 

Trevor Simeon = MVP

Kranz is gonna need some RBs if he wants to turn this around.

Will Marissa get a win this season? I say no. She’s so done she’s finished.

AJ Green = #1 WR? Commish has to be feeling himself after last night with this call.

Tough loss for Forrest, losing to a dead GM. RIP Zmart. His only roster move has been switching out Tyler Eifort for Eric Ebron. He will be missed.

High scoring week, two 160s and four in the 130s. Time to start testing GMs for PEDs!

Week Four Regrets

I said the Vikings DEF was not on the same level as the Broncos DEF. I regret that.

A lot of GMs wishing they could re-do their 2nd round pick. More than a few injuries + underachievers.

Damn Kelvin Benjamin, not a single catch? Seriously brutal 4 point loss for Forrest.

Julio Jones had one fucking catch against the miserable Saints DEF. Why did I put you in every Fan Duel lineup?

Decks, please get healthy. Raddo needs you. Jessie James needs you. Tebow needs you.

Decker #3

FAAB Summary:

$20 for Orleans Darkwa? Sounds like a comic book they made up to make ppl from New Orleans feel good after Hurricane Katrina. Ppl forget they were just going to cancel that whole city until Steve Gleason blocked that punt. I think ESPN mentioned something about during MNF, don’t recall. ESPN said it best when they called Orleans a “desperation flex play at best.” Folks, a desperation play at best is what I call Taylor at bar close near Fenway Park. Jamison Crowder at $9 is a good pick up for Kranz, beating Brooke’s $5. We just don’t get the good FAAB bidding battles like we used to though, haven’t seen too much action the past few weeks. Just waiting until that desperation sinks in….

Top Dogs of the Week: Marvin Jones, Bills DEF, Emmanuel Sanders

Lil Weenie of the Week: Kelvin Benjamin

Bozo Move of the Week: Josh Gordon for entering rehab a week before returning to the gridiron. Classic Diva Recieva move, Gordon obviously wanted no part of that current QB situation for the Browns. Forrest took him at the start of the 8th round, ahead of other useful 8th rounders like Marvin Jones, Willie Snead, Melvin Gordon, and Sterling Shepard. Uhhh hey Forrest? This isn’t garden club, weed doesn’t help your performance here.

Fantasy Darko aka Blessing of the Week: Emmanuel Sanders. Not only did Trevor Simeon throw 4 TDs in his first road start, but he provided Thumper the margin of victory over Marissa with a 32 point week.


TOTAL: 8-10

Kauf over Hans

James over Zmarts

Thump over Kranz

Ebro over Marissa

Forrest over Taylaw

Raddo over Brooke


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