Forrest…He Gone??

Weekly League Notes:

Forrest out? Kranz put out the stunning suggestion in the Facebook group this week, and it took most owners by surprise. Forrest currently sits in last place & started a injured player this past week. He is also near the bottom of the league in points scored, and since he doesn’t have a Facebook, there is almost little to no beefing or clowning on other GMs in the league. Worst of all, he doesn’t read EBROSTRADAMUS. Folks, someone called it from the start. At the draft Forrest took a look around the room and couldn’t find the bozo, that’s when he knew he was the bozo. Now I think kicking him out is pretty strong right now, and he deserves to state his case. We did find out at the draft when searching for Zmarts replacement that we have a long list of GM chomping at the bit to join the FFF, and we all know active GMs are better GMs.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 1.26.51 AM

Playoff Preview

4 regular season weeks to go, and cream of the crop (Me, Juggernaut James & Taylaw) are sitting comfortably. Meanwhile there is a 6 team hog pile at 4-5, and Brooke is sneaking into the 6th spot with a 3-6 record. Marissa & Brady are both back from the dead with 3 straight wins. Raddo has lost two straight.

Kauf has feasted on weak opponents all szn long, but has lost to every team with a winning record. He sits comfortably alone in 4th place, but with two of four games remaining against good teams he needs to step it up to ensure a playoff spot!


There is one hell of a barnburner in week 10 as league leaders James & Taylor face off. You can bet your ass some slobbs are about to be knocked. James is still on Juggernaut Status, thx to his incredible RB depth. Shady McCoy & Latavious Murray are on bye, and Jordan Howard & Devante Booker are more than capable fill-ins. Taylor is projected by ESPN to win by more than 20 points, and some strong consideration to put Taylor on Juggernaut Status Alert will be given if he wins. Melvin Gordan is making a strong case to be league MVP. Both these teams have great matchups and I think we’ll see 120+ points from each. Getcha popcorn ready!

Week 9 Quick Judgments 

Tyrod The Tool Man Taylor is the real deal.


Latavious Murray came back from the dead. This guy went from losing his job to injury to RBBC to a 3 TD game and 8 TDs overall on the season. He got cut in one of my other leagues.

RBs are 3 of the 5 highest scoring players this szn. Thought this was a PPR??

Saints WR Michael Thomas is just sitting outside the top 10 for WRs. Turns out skipping the last 10 rounds of a draft are good for business! Congrats Zmart!

Zmarts-Brooke had a full on Barnburner, w Brooke taking home the W 150-146..7 players dropped 20+ points.

Week 9 Regrets

TJ Yeldon had a good game & James had him on the bench. Matt Ryan, now thats a dude!! James got the last LOL by defeating Kauf.

Todd Gurley with zero runs of 20+ yards this year.  1st RB taken y’all. Trent Richardson part 2?

Sucks when you have to root for Alabama sideline glory hog Mark Ingram if you have him on your team, but when he beasts for 31 points and you had him on the bench, it’s just delicious.

FAAB Summary:

GMs were clearly tired of hanging on to all that extra cash in their back pocket or purse as big money was spent on the likes of Cam Meredith, Cole Beasley, and Rishard Matthews. DuJuan Harris & Carson Palmer also had hot bidding wars.

Saturday bidding was also hot, as Peyton Barber got scooped by Hans for $20. Not bad for someone who might not even start this weekend if Doug The Human Gerbil Martin comes back in a game-time decision. James added more RB depth with Kapri Bibbs, and Raddo failed to snag a starting QB this week. Also I added Midway Jay Cutty. SMOKIN JAY IS BACK BABY!!


Top Dogs of the Week: T Mobile & Robert Woods, Mike Evans, Latavious Murray

Lil Weenie of the Week: Jerick McKinnon, Derek Carr, Jessie James the Outlaw

Bozo Move of the Week: Raw Doggin Raddo sat Mark Ingram and his massive 31 point game on the bench, costing him a W against EBROSTRADAMUS

Fantasy Darko aka Blessing of the Week: Getting 80+ points on TNF from Fameis Jameis, Mike Evans, & Julio Jones has to be considered a miracle.


TOTAL: 23-25

Hans over Marissa

Kauf over Thumper

Brooke over Forrest

James over Taylor

Zmarts over Raddo

Ebro over Kranz


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