Turkey Day Edition

Weekly League Notes:

Happy Thanksgiving to the FFF! Let’s kick off this Turkey Day Edition of Ebrostradamus with some sage words from our President-elect:


In honor of the wisdom of the new Prez, it’s time to highlight who will & won’t be a jive turkey in the new American form of currency, Winners & Losers.

Turkey Day Big Winners

Adam Thielen (close, personal friend)

John Madden’s legacy

Kirk Cousins next contract

Turkey Day Losers

The Lions

Anyone who needed the Colts to have a nice fantasy day/ wanted to enjoy a evening shootout😢

Andrew Luck’s brain


This week two years ago, OBJ made the greatest catch of all time. Safe to say it may have been the greatest FAAB pickup in league history, and I will absolutely toot my own horn over this.


It’s no Phil Dawson for $5 tho.



Playoff Preview

Pure Madness in the FFF. James has clinched and sits alone at the top as the King of The Hill, dang it Bobby. Brooke is 4-7, yet top 5 in scoring, which takes up another playoff berth (for now). Forrest & Thump are the only GMs eliminated, true losers who carry the shame and burden in this winners society. That would leave, ohhhhhh, 8 of us sitting within 2 games of each other with two to go. Taylaw has dropped to 6-5 after starting 5-1. Too bad there is no collapse in recent memory I can compare this too.  Hans is having the last LOL as Thomas Rawls & Dez Bryant have returned in major roles. Marissa was so done she was finished but now she sits at 5-6 and is en fuego. Me and Zmarts & TayLaw & Kaufs matchups will hopefully shake out some of the contenders and pretenders, but most likely next week will be a 1,000 page dissertation on the potential playoff outcomes of the FFF. Can’t wait! Here’s how the standings & point totals sit as we enter Week 12.



Week 11 Quick Judgments


MariGOATa is on fire. Titans are rolling.


Week 11 Regrets

Wish we could pick up players on game day!

Taylor’s whole team is in a slump.

CJ Prosise going down really hurts Kauf’s title chances IMO. Needed that ace in the hole.

Brady’s team is pure sadness. You know its bad when Cole Beasley is your only bright spot.

FAAB Summary:

Kranz put in a big bid for a small wood. Wendall Smallwood, that is 😏. $31 for a player who still may be 3rd string by gametine. DJax was also available and he got scooped up by James for $12. Thielen for $2 may prove to be as excellent of a pick up as Thielen is as a friend. You could tell people were blowing FAAB budget cuz they are still sitting on a decent wad.

Top Dogs of the Week: DAK, David Johnson, Steve Smif Sr.

Lil Weenie of the Week: Vernon Davis, AJ Green

Bozo Move of the Week: Zmarts for getting locked out of his ESPN account.

Fantasy Darko aka Blessing of the Week: Deandre Hopkins & Allan Robinson combined for 20 points in some kind of miracle to propel Marissa to a 2 point upset victory over TayLaw. That and DAK

LAST WEEK( Week 10): 4-2

TOTAL:27-27 (.500!!!!!!!!)

Kranz over Brooke

James over Marissa

Raddo over Thumper

Ebro over Zmarts

Kauf over Taylaw

Forrest over Zhans

Happy Turkey Day y’all!!

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 10.44.50 AM


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