Sam Bradford? More like Super Bowlford.

Yo yo yo whats up you FFF mother fuckers!!! Vikings 2-0!! Every single RB in the league hurt!! Brady, Kauf, Marissa & Zmarts 0-2 done & finished!!! Raddo, Forrest, James & Taylor potential Juggernauts!! The rest, in the middle and not sure if good or bad (except you Zhans. Bad!) Alright, lets rip!! Interesting week… Continue reading Sam Bradford? More like Super Bowlford.

Harambe Would’ve Loved Rams-49ers Edition

Weekly League Notes Congrats to everyone in the league for getting over 100 points!!!! I am officially putting Brooke on Juggernaut Status Alert after a 168.7-156 Barnburner with BK. Brooke has to be thanking the fantasy gods Kranz hates having a pair of solid RBs on the squad to start the season. 168 is almost… Continue reading Harambe Would’ve Loved Rams-49ers Edition